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may we always march to the beat of our... March 08 2017

may we always march to the beat of our own drum! #happyinternationalwomensday #excusethedorkymomcliche #itstrue

Happy Friday everyone! March 03 2017

Happy Friday everyone!

We've added a full bodied pouch to our... February 21 2017

We've added a full bodied pouch to our collection-perfect for cosmetics and toiletries and available in 36 colors!

closeup of the triangloid print-1 of 5 in our new shapes series. February 16 2017

closeup of the triangloid print-1 of 5 in our new shapes series.

this season's line-up of studs February 13 2017

this season's line-up of studs

Back from @ny_now, great show and... February 09 2017

Back from @ny_now, great show and just barely missed the snow! Thanks so much to everyone for visiting us at the show. We will be posting more pics of our new collection over the next few weeks-pictured here is the squoid print.

Day 3 of @ny_now - come check out our... February 06 2017

Day 3 of @ny_now - come check out our new circular and hexagonal leather placemats! #booth9431 #nynow

Day 1-Camille and Liza are holding down the fort @ny_now! #booth9431 #nynow February 04 2017

Day 1-Camille and Liza are holding down the fort @ny_now! #booth9431 #nynow

We've had a lot of people ask for... February 01 2017

We've had a lot of people ask for mosaics at a more accessible price point, so we've developed this new series for you! Five new designs filled with bright colors and playful forms generated by overlapping simple geometric shapes. Pictured here is the 'squoid' mosaic. #nynow #shapescollection

Here's a peek at the shapes necklace, part of... January 30 2017

Here's a peek at the shapes necklace, part of our new jewelry collection using inlaid and painted birch veneer. #nynowherewecome #shapescollection

Happy Friday! We have officially finished our... January 27 2017

Happy Friday! We have officially finished our new collection for Spring Summer '17, currently live on our website! Excited to share it with you and take it to @ny_now next week. #nynow #shapescollection

getting ready to march! January 21 2017

getting ready to march! #sfwomensmarch

things are coming together for @ny_now-just a few short weeks to go! January 19 2017

things are coming together for @ny_now-just a few short weeks to go!

stud assemblage January 18 2017

stud assemblage

thinking in rainbows ... January 14 2017

thinking in rainbows ...

shape sorting January 12 2017

shape sorting

sneak peek of what we have in store for SS'17! January 11 2017

sneak peek of what we have in store for SS'17!

regram from @johnderiancompany, love the way they organized our pouches in their... January 07 2017

regram from @johnderiancompany, love the way they organized our pouches in their amazing shop! by John Derian Company

Hey hey all you Marin peeps-looking for a unique holiday gift? Head on over to @... December 23 2016

Hey hey all you Marin peeps-looking for a unique holiday gift? Head on over to @trouvestudio, a magical little shop in Fairfax masterminded by the one and only @lelashields! She has curated an amazing selection of jewelry, art, homewares, and clothing-everything in the store has a story!

Honored to have our work alongside these other talented Bay Area artists! Thank ... December 22 2016

Honored to have our work alongside these other talented Bay Area artists! Thank you @abacusrow for organizing such a beautiful holiday show. And if you haven't been to @legion_shop you are missing out-an exquisite shop! by @abacusrow

new happy wall in the neighborhood-not sure what it means, but I like it! December 12 2016

new happy wall in the neighborhood-not sure what it means, but I like it!

pinwheel-one of 10 new prints in our japonisme series. November 02 2016

pinwheel-one of 10 new prints in our japonisme series.

Winter is coming - it's time to get cozy with some afternoon tea and our new fel... October 28 2016

Winter is coming - it's time to get cozy with some afternoon tea and our new felt coasters!

weekend scouring with @saizod October 15 2016

weekend scouring with @saizod

when the art in your studio creeps into your work and ... happy friday everyone! October 14 2016

when the art in your studio creeps into your work and ... happy friday everyone!

Who needs a rainbow on their wrist?! Production is in full swing for these laser... September 06 2016

Who needs a rainbow on their wrist?! Production is in full swing for these laser etched leather bracelets.

Sol, Siobhan, and me. August 31 2016

Sol, Siobhan, and me.

the glory days of graphic design August 29 2016

the glory days of graphic design

The twins are 2 months! Trying to instill a love of color and pattern in their e... August 24 2016

The twins are 2 months! Trying to instill a love of color and pattern in their early days.

Final day of @ny_now-thanks everyone for stopping by, its been a great show! August 23 2016

Final day of @ny_now-thanks everyone for stopping by, its been a great show! #nynow #9431 #japonisme

Liza, Camille, and Carly have made it all happen this show-I'm on maternity leav... August 22 2016

Liza, Camille, and Carly have made it all happen this show-I'm on maternity leave and they have taken care of business without batting an eyelash. Stop by our booth #9431 for a visit with these lovely ladies! #nynow

day 2 of @ny_now! we are holding down the fort at booth 9431! also-a bit of insi... August 21 2016

day 2 of @ny_now! we are holding down the fort at booth 9431! also-a bit of insider info-Iris Apfel is in the building! ️️

Thanks to everyone for visiting us on the first day of @ny_now! August 21 2016

Thanks to everyone for visiting us on the first day of @ny_now! #nynow #japonisme #booth9431

Stud re-up for the new @sfmoma. These designs are inspired by Sol LeWitt-check out the new LeWitt installations at the museum, they are amazing! May 20 2016

perhaps my favorite unofficial painted lady May 19 2016

sneak peak of what's brewing for f/w '16! #japonisme May 15 2016

Spring cleaning sale ends this Sunday the 15th! Enter SPRING CLEANING at check out for 50% off all items in sale section-link in profile. And thank you to everyone for all of your orders! May 13 2016

Spring cleaning sale will continue through the end of this week-ends 5/15! 50% off all items in sale section, enter SPRING CLEANING at checkout. Link to sale in profile! May 09 2016

First Mother's Day flowers from my amazing employees-so touched! May 07 2016

favorite thing at the revamped sfmoma - a brand new sol le witt installation! May 06 2016

Spring Cleaning Sale starts today-we would love to find homes for these discontinued styles and make room for new ones! 50% off all jewelry in sale section-just enter SPRING CLEANING at checkout. Link in profile. May 05 2016

Starting a new series of mosaics based on traditional kimono fabric patterns. Vintage kimono fabric, paper, leather, and wood veneers are all in the mix! April 27 2016

stack of our leather pillows at a favorite shop in nyc-thanks for the beautiful photo @clicgeneralstore! April 26 2016

enjoying our last few months of freedom before the twin lady babies arrive! April 24 2016

one of these days I'll be able to break from the grid, but until then... April 20 2016

telecommuting-one of the many joys of self employment. April 19 2016

Summer is just arriving and already it's time to start thinking about Fall! April 17 2016

house hunting in Berkeley-lots of mid century gems hidden in these hills. April 10 2016

spring cleaning sale coming soon-stay tuned! April 08 2016

sunday inspiration-tiling an entire house with glyphs April 03 2016

Saturday night art viewin' April 02 2016

regram from @sheldonmuseum - thanks for the lovely photo! March 30 2016

studio deets March 29 2016

Spring is here! So happy to be thinking in color again. March 26 2016

We are currently interviewing for a full time production assistant. Link to job posting in profile! March 18 2016

killer casework at the new @bampfa March 13 2016

Our exclusive edition for @ofakind is live today! Made with multiple layers of laser cut paper and silk, this 12x16 framed Tela print is available for purchase on their website. March 10 2016

Yes, San Francisco has changed. But there are still so many reasons to love it! March 08 2016

Very excited about this special project with SFMOMA! These cubic studs are inspired by a Sol LeWitt piece in their permanent collection. They will be available on opening day along with several other pieces of jewelry inspired by the permanent collecti... March 04 2016

cutting lots of these new caetano prints! made with multiple layers of metallic and matte nepalese lokta paper. March 02 2016

special limited edition of the Nara print coming soon ... stay tuned! February 24 2016

These pieces are off to the Oscars! My friend @jumpovat and her husband @gheehappy will be sporting them on the red carpet. Sanjay's animated short - Sanjay's Super Team - is nominated for best animated short. It is sweet and beautiful-check it out if... February 22 2016

Urquiola print, inspired by the @patricia_urquiola tropicalia chair. February 06 2016

Polar Express up to Poughkeepsie February 05 2016

final day of @ny_now-great to see everyone! #nynow #designermaker February 02 2016

Day 3 of @nynow-come see our new one of a kind mosaics at booth 9431! #nynow #designermaker February 01 2016

day 2 of @ny_now! #designermaker #nynow #booth9431 January 31 2016

Setting up our new pencil cases, ipad air, and iPad mini cases today @ny_now. Come visit us tomorrow at booth #9431 to take a look! #nynow January 29 2016

flying out to NY today! #tropicalismo #nynow January 27 2016

new candy colored placemats for your dining pleasure. #nynow January 25 2016

Copacabana necklaces-inspired by mosaic paving patterns by Roberto Burle Marx. #tropicalismo #nynow January 24 2016

leafy surboards coming 'atcha #tropicalismo #nynow January 23 2016

One week to go! #nynow #tropicalismo January 21 2016

a few tropicalismo jewels ... coming soon! January 18 2016

double vision-new wood and leather bennadhou jewels. January 16 2016

cubismo tropicalismo January 15 2016

tropicalismo sneak peak January 13 2016

Roberto Burle Marx-father of modernist landscape design in Brazil. January 09 2016

Brazilian tile maestro Athos Bulcão January 08 2016

morning reading #designheroes January 07 2016

More SS'16 influences ... Niemeyer's Brasilia - sculptural geometry at its finest. January 06 2016

SS'16 starting to gel January 05 2016

Farewell Sans Souci, so happy to ring in the new year here! #sanssouci January 02 2016

grooviest raffia rug I've ever seen! #sanssouci January 02 2016

One of the many amazing tile patterns at Sans Souci. #sanssouci January 02 2016

inspiration firming up for S/S '16 December 29 2015

finished! December 17 2015

thank you @rackedsf for the nice write up in your gift guide! December 16 2015

louver love #saitowitzstudio December 12 2015

toiling away on our largest custom mosaic to date-patience truly is a virtue! December 09 2015

favorite superwax December 08 2015

It's a big holiday fair weekend! We will be showing @deyoungmuseum and @renegadecraft. Come say hello!!! November 20 2015

Re-gram from @chroniclebooks - so excited that the notecards and journal are officially out in the world! Just got them up on the website, link in profile. November 04 2015

it's just starting to feel like fall, but santa's little elves have been jamming over here! October 24 2015

hey hey all you Brits-a bunch of green jewels coming to @tate modern very soon! October 18 2015

color studies October 17 2015

new sign for the stu-stu studio October 09 2015

@ofakind has released a framed limited edition square version of our Benhaddhou print for sale on their site! October 01 2015

Back in the day, my dad and I played 'name that tie' every morning. Unfortunately for @saizod the tradition continues. ; ) September 27 2015

pouch patchwork September 19 2015

shoppin' for threads September 17 2015

madrasa-another closeup from our new print series. September 15 2015

closeup of portal 1- one of several prints in our new series inspired by moroccan architecture and ornament. September 15 2015

impressive east bay screen block September 14 2015

oh, Hay! September 11 2015

very much still summertime in SF! September 09 2015

stacks and stacks of benhaddou prints September 04 2015

tesselate-one of our newest multilayered prints. September 01 2015

feelin' the felt-full range of felt placemats in rainbow colors up on the website! August 27 2015

so happy to be home! August 24 2015

headed back to the bay today-and into production! thx to everyone who visited at nynow, will be in touch soon. August 23 2015

Last day of the show! It's been great seeing everyone-thanks for stopping by! #nynow #handmadedesignermaker August 18 2015

Instagram Photo August 17 2015

Day 2 of NYNOW done! #nynow #handmadedesignermaker August 16 2015

Final day of setup today-putting the finishing touches on our booth. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! #NYNOW #handmadedesignermaker August 14 2015

one of several new prints we will have at the show-inspired by a kasbah in ait benhaddou. #NYNOW #handmadedesignermaker August 13 2015

Heading out to NYNOW today with these laser-etched leather pillows in tow! #NYNOW #handmadedesignermaker August 12 2015

It's official-the Benhaddhou jewelry collection is complete and up on our website! Check it out-link in profile. August 11 2015

I know we are entering F/W but this new shipment in from Vlisco is already making me excited for Spring! @ihavethisthingwithtextiles August 10 2015

I didn't think it was possible to like something at the DMV! August 08 2015

another sneak peek of our new tabletop collection-awesome photos by @saizod! #nynow #handmadedesignermaker August 05 2015

sneak peak of our new tabletop collection, coming soon! #nynow #handmadedesignermaker August 03 2015

Product testing these babies chez Solly. Will have these and more ready in a few weeks! August 02 2015

coming soon as part of our new tabletop collection! #nynow #designermaker August 01 2015

getting close! #nynow #designermaker July 31 2015

the culling process begins-what to bring to NY NOW? July 23 2015

Come visit me this weekend @renegadecraft at the Herbst Pavillion, booth 274. Will have jewels, coasters, trivets, pouches, succulent jackets and more! #renegadecraft July 17 2015

neighborhood blooms July 15 2015

pretty excited about my recent score from @takaradesign-thanks jenny-jen! July 14 2015

White on white mosaic detail at the sundial bridge. July 13 2015

F/W '15 pouch palette July 08 2015

Prototypin' July 02 2015

Just one of the millions of beautiful interiors palettes by my good friends and talented interior designer sister duo Elaina and Susanna of @sistersof4corners. They are based out of Bali and San Diego and source the most amazing textiles and furniture.... July 02 2015

first round of mmd designed textile samples arrived today! June 30 2015

Couldn't help but share the closest thing to a rainbow in my world to celebrate this most exciting and amazing day. June 26 2015

making some final color decisions for our new textiles! June 25 2015

our ever expanding textile library-can't stop won't stop! June 19 2015

Excited to incorporate these brass and silver beads into the new collection! June 17 2015

Just received final versions of the journal and notecards from @chroniclebooks and couldn't be more excited! June 15 2015

sorting and culling for F/W '15 June 08 2015

A little magic in the magic hour June 06 2015

Feelin' the felt this fine Friday-100% merino wool felt coasters and trivets in a plethora of designs and colors. June 05 2015

laser etched wallets headed out the door to capture the tail end of springtime! June 03 2015

We are open for business at Dwell on Design-come visit us at booth 979 in the Design Studio! #dwell #dodla #dwellondesign May 29 2015

one of my favorite graphics of all time May 25 2015

James Hubbel's wizardry May 24 2015

These guys are putting on their leather jackets for Dwell on Design! #dwellondesign #dodla #dwell May 21 2015

In heavy production mode for Dwell on Design LA! #dwell #dwellondesign #dodla May 20 2015

this building is at one with our recent slew of gloomy days May 19 2015

Just finished this special custom piece for @colleenmauerdesigns. It is hanging in her amazing studio in the Mission-go visit if you have a chance! May 13 2015

a beautiful 70's textile - how great would it be in wood veneers?! May 12 2015

best parking lot ever May 11 2015

Happy Mothers Day lovely Momsy! May 10 2015

good neighbors May 04 2015

these styles and more are still available for our spring cleaning sale-50% off through the end of the week! link in profile. April 29 2015

big spring cleaning sale now underway! 50% off several jewelry styles on website-link in profile. April 27 2015

etching experiments April 24 2015

new pillow prototypes headed out to @abccarpetandhome - more shapes, sizes, and colors to come! April 22 2015

regram from @poketo - thanks so much for the instagram and blog feature you guys! April 21 2015

a few more from the vault-time to revisit these forms and colors for F/W '15. April 18 2015

mining old photos for inspiration today and came across this beautiful plaster detail of park guell April 17 2015

beautiful twilight in the city April 15 2015

The owner of this house told me the paint job was inspired by his mother's Pucci scarf. April 04 2015

little leather vessels on their way to @miramirasf March 26 2015

Let the digital printing adventures begin! March 15 2015

sunny day in the city March 08 2015

It's Friday!!!! March 06 2015

pouch party March 05 2015

custom fruit and veggie cards for @biritesf - my favorite place to shop! March 04 2015

custom coaster design off to its new home today. February 28 2015

new take on the hex print February 24 2015

new fabrics in for a special collaboration underway...stay tuned! February 21 2015

working on some custom wedding invite prototypes February 19 2015

coaster quilt February 11 2015

regram from @betsyandiya, a Portland based wundershop and generally awesome group of people. February 06 2015

regram from design boom-such a beautiful installation by autumn de wilde, right off the 5 in lebec, ca. February 05 2015

...and that's a wrap-great to see everyone at NYNOW! #nynow #designermaker February 04 2015

Day 3 of NYNOW! #nynow #designer handmade February 02 2015

forgot to share this geometric lady bird yesterday, just about as cool as the Matisse cut-outs! January 31 2015

Hello NYNOW! First day of the show, come visit us at booth 9428! #NYNOW #designer handmade January 31 2015

totally wowed January 30 2015

Just got to nyc safe and sound! Will be showing this Lusting print and many more at NYNOW, designer maker booth 9428. January 29 2015

and one last one-several new mosaic pieces, take a peek online! : )) January 27 2015

The Qiana print from our new ss'15 collection. January 27 2015

bright new leather pouches for ss'15! January 27 2015

new ss'15 collection complete and up on website! take a peek, link in profile. January 27 2015

I think my employee likes me. @studioallegory January 15 2015

more new jewels in the works, arrangement courtesy of my awesome employee Qiana. @studioallegory January 09 2015

it's glue time. January 08 2015

sneak peek at what's brewing for SS '15. January 06 2015

more mosaics in the works! December 30 2014

acid tongue-esque pieces by Kevin Moseley December 28 2014

early experimenting December 27 2014

ss'15 palette, check. December 23 2014

new superwax fabrics in for ss'15! December 22 2014

couldn't be more excited about this notecard collaboration with chronicle-here is the digital proof, ready to be sent off to the printers. December 19 2014

we are back at it with new mosaic pieces in the works December 18 2014

Gearing up for spring '15 collection! December 17 2014

best place! December 14 2014

prepping up a storm for the @uniqueusa show in dtla this weekend December 02 2014

farewell for now hudson valley November 30 2014

DIA BLOOMS November 28 2014

lotsa' leather cuero necklaces getting prepped for the holidays November 21 2014

color studies heading out the door for chronicle books project. November 14 2014

A few more prototypes on their way to Renegade. #renegadecraftfair November 06 2014

A selection of the many prototypes I will be bringing to Renegade Craft Fair this weekend-come visit! #renegadecraftfair November 05 2014

ai weiwei-wow. November 01 2014

the beginnings of a very exciting project with Chronicle Books! October 26 2014

our newest natural leather 'sol' coasters, inspired by the great sol le witt. #sollewitt #newproducts October 17 2014

Me and cousin Vio getting psychedelic October 15 2014

deep in the throes of production October 15 2014

It's been fun developing these custom placemats for ABC-a store in New York that never ceases to amaze. October 02 2014

it's hard to believe that it's already time to start designing again. back to the drawing board! October 01 2014

another regram from Design Sponge's feature on BEAM, an awesome design store in Brooklyn! September 24 2014

regram from Woonwinkel, a great store in Portland-thanks for the photo guys! @woonwinkel September 23 2014

best address ever September 03 2014

...and a detail of another August 31 2014

one of the many cool pieces of east berlin architecture August 31 2014

Excited! August 30 2014

metro August 29 2014

Olympic Stadium August 28 2014

Corbusierhaus! August 28 2014

Teuflesberg August 28 2014

atrium space at our hotel August 28 2014

poster obsessed August 26 2014

NY layers August 24 2014

1st day off exploring August 20 2014

Come see us on Day 3 August 18 2014

highline view August 17 2014

serious scaffolding August 17 2014

Obligatory ny skyscraper pic August 15 2014

Made it to New York! Oodles of pouches for the show August 13 2014

So much left to be done, but here's a sneak peak of what I'll be taking to New York next week August 08 2014

Regram from an absolute favorite store in Portland-thanks Betsy and Iya! August 06 2014

working on some textile designs for a friend's family mill-stay tuned! August 04 2014